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  • Ellen McCrave

    $51.45 / 5 days ago

    my favorite radio show!

  • Kurt Dean

    $102.90 / 10 days ago

    My son and I once guested on the show with John and though I haven’t listened for a while I was reminded tonight of the time and felt compelled to contribute and keep the spirit of the show alive.

  • Kristin Curtis

    $25.73 / 11 days ago

    Ramble Tamble has been a favorite for decades. Especially during sap season. Keep up the great work.

About Ramble Tamble

“Ramble Tamble debuted on 9/10/03. I named the show after a CCR song which rambles in several different directions during its 7 minutes and 9 seconds. There is so much great music around in so many different genres that I would never want to rule anything out. I tend to lean toward Americana Roots, Alt Country, Early Rock and Folk, but those are just starting points. Working at WJFF and doing a music show brings me great joy. I have fun doing the show, and I hope you will have fun listening. Oh, by the way, I like to throw birthday parties on my show for people like T BoneBurnett, John Prine, Rick Nelson and Tom Waits to name a few.” -John Gordon

Airs: Thursdays, 7-9pm